San Agustin Church

 San Agustin Church, originally known as “Iglesia de San Pablo”, is the oldest stone church in the Philippines built in 1589.  Apart from being a National Historical Landmark, it was also declared as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1993.  The church is located inside the only district of Manila that still abounds with Spanish influences, Intramuros.  Weddings with a Filipiniana or a Spanish theme will find the church and its setting fitting for the celebration.  Not only will it add to a more credible atmosphere, it also provides an incredible photo opportunity.



Address: General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila
Contact Nos: 527-4053 / 527-2746 / 527-4061 Fax: 310-3091



Capacity: 500 heads

Rate:  P33,500  

               a. Wedding Mass & Marriage Ceremony
               b. Simple Flower Decoration
               c. Royal Red Carpet
               d. Organist & Singer
               e. Usher / Usherettes & Altar Server
               f. 18th Century Chandeliers
               g. 6 Units of Eveporated Air Conditioner
               h. Parking Lots for 40 Cars
               i. Documentation (Registration of Marriage)

              Couple may request for the use of 18th Century (A.D. 1762) Church’s Pipe Organ



     Monday – Friday 
                        AM:  7:00            PM:  1:00
                                8:00                    2:00
                                9:00                    3:00
                              10:00                   4:00
                              11:00                   6:00  

                      AM:  7:00            PM:  1:00
                              8:00                    2:00
                              9:00                    3:00
                            11:00                   4:00
                            12:00                   6:30

                      AM:  7:00            PM:  1:00
                              9:00                    2:00
                            12:00                   3:00


Both Filipino Couples

1. New copy of BAPTISMAL and CONFIRMATION Certifcates of Groom and Bride from the church where they where Baptized and Confirmed, (Certificates are valid for six months from the date of issue), with annotation for MARRIED PURPOSES ONLY. To be submitted two months before the wedding. For those working/living outside the Philippines, please coordinate with the Parish Secretary.

2. MARRIAGE LICENCE to be required from the Civil Registry of Marriage of the City or Municipality of either the groon or Bride (License is valid for 120 days or 4 months). License issued outside MANILA should be submitter together with a valid ID or Billing of Statement with address as a proof of Groom/Bride’s residence.
If CIVILLY MARRIED, a certified true copy of Marriage Contract from the National Statistics Office should be submitted two months before the wedding.

3. CERTIFICATE OF FREEDOM TO MARRY; (for Filipino Citizens living abroad for more than six months, to be secured from their Parish Church abroad).

4. CANONICAL INTERVIEW of the Groom and the Bride to be conducted two months before the wedding date. For those working outside the country the interview can be done weeks / days before the wedding.

5. A Certificate of Attendance in the Pre-Cana Seminar or Marriage Preparation Programs or other programs related to Marriage.

6. ECCLESIASTICAL BANNS and Permit to be announced for three consecutive Sundays in the Parish of the Groom and the Bride before the wedding date. (The forms will be provided and filled up during the interview).

7. LIST OF NAMES and ADDRESSES OF SPONSORS (Ninongs & Ninangs). A Minimum of 1 pair and maximum of six pairs are allowed.

8. Widower and Widow must present a Death Certificate of their deceased partner.

9. For Wedding Anniversaries, bring Certified copy of your Catholic Marriage Contract and come for an interview by the Parish Priest / Assistant Parish Priest.

10. If a Military man, Certification of Freedom to Marry from the higher headquarter or Office.

11. Couple whose marriage has been declared null and void must present the document nullity from a competent Matrimonial Tribunal and a letter of approval from the Archdiocesan Office.


Marriage between Catholic & Non-Catholic
            1.    A Certification of Freedom to Marry from the Non-Catholic Ministry/Pastor/Rabbi/Imam and the like.
            2.    PROMISED FOR MIXED MARRIAGE FORM. To be filled up during the interview (to be submitted to the Chancery Office Arzobispado De Manila) for approval.

Mixed Marriage Requirements:

A. Marraige between Filipino & Foriegner 
(Foreigner also refer to Filipino who acquires Citizenship from the other Country)
    1. Secure a form  of Clearance from the Chancery Office of the Archdiocese of Manila located at 121 Arzobispado St., Intramuros, Manila. Look for Joy at                          
Tel. No. +63 2 527 3955 | +63 2 527 7637 to 36 
    2. Certification of Freedom to Marry from the foreigner’s Parish Church. 
    3. Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry from the foreigner’s National Consulate or Embassy. 

B. Marriage between Filipino & Japanese National  
    1. JAPANESE CITIZENS must secure a Clearance from the Japanese Chaplane located at the Travellers Life Building #490 T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita,   Manila, Tel. no.            5250762  



1. Our Policy is TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT! (We do not intertain Temporary Reservation)   

2. An Eight Thousand Pesos (PHP 8,000) down payment be requires upon entry of the name in the Book of Reservation. The DOWN PAYMENT IS NOT             REFUNDABLE.  

3. In case of Cancellation, a written communication and the reservation receipt must be presented. The reservation is automatically porfeited and is not transferable    to another party. 

4. In case of changing the wedding date, the reservation receipt issued during reservation must be  presented together with a written communication of the request. The change of time & date is possible provided that the desired date is still available. The communication must be done at least 2 months before the wedding. 

5. If the couple wishes to have more than six pairs of sponsors, the charge is PHP400 per pair. 

6. The required forms and documents must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the wedding. 

7. You are advised to put the Wedding Tine in the invitation card 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. The entourage will be called to assemble at the church entrance 15 minutes before the time. 

8. On the Day of the Wedding Punctuality is a must. The ceremony starts exactly at the scheduled time. If the Groom and/ or Bride and/ or member of the entourage are late, there will be no picture takings at the end of the mass. Be reminded that only one  (1) hour is allotted per wedding; there is an additional charge Php5,000 for an excess of 30 minutes, this is only allowed if there’s no other scheduled Wedding or Mass on the following time. 

9. Throwing of rice, coins, flowers confetti and other objects are allowed but not inside the church. This activity must done outside the church. 

10. Greetings of parents, relatives and friends to the couple should be done outside the church. 

11. The ring and coin bearer as well as the flower girls must be at least four (4) years old. 

12. Priest who are relatives or friends of the parties maybe invited to solemnize the wedding. They must submit a copy of their license to the Parish Office at least 2 weeks before the wedding date. Other Priest may also be invited to Concelebrate. 

13. The couple may choose readers for the ceremonies provided they strictly observe modesty in dressing proper decorum during the celebration. The church reserve the right to assign Commentators.  

14. Missallette of the Nuptial Rites are provided by the church for the couple only. However, those who wish to have a soft copy and make it personalized may buy a copy from the Parish Office. Any alterations or revision other that our prescribed nuptial rites should be coordinate with the Parish office. The final draft of the printed Missallette should be submitted to the Parish Office at least 2 weeks before the wedding. 

15. Guest Singers / Organist are welcome but they must observe the following norms:   
   a. Only liturgical songs and melodies are allowed during the entire Wedding Ceremony   
   b. Only the following parts of the Wedding Ceremony sun or accompanied with music; 
           - Processional
           - Offeratory
           - Communion
           - Picture taking and Recessional

16. Both professional and family photographers may take video footage and potos. However, all concerned must remember that the marriage is a solemn celebration and not a festivity. Inappropriate movement and noise must be avoided. Only one video with 2 lightings accessory units and two official photographer are allowed. Follow specific place to take picture. They are required to secure a permit from the Parish Office before the wedding day and follow the church sequence pictorial.   
       a.  Groom & Bride   
       b.  Couple with Principal Sponsor   
       c.  Couple with Secondary Sponsor   
       d.  Couple with Bestman, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower Girls, Coins Bearers.   
       e.  Couple with Parents   
       f.   Couple with Groom’s Immediate Family   
       g.  Couple with Bride’s Immediate Family 

17. Wedding Coordinators may be allowed during the ceremony but they must coordinate first with our Church Coordinator and must follow Church rules and regulations. 

18. Arch decoration and candle light decoration are not allowed inside the church. 

19. The Remaining balance should be paid two weeks before the wedding. No Checks are accepted.   

20. Video Electricity is PHP 1,000

21. Use of Sala as a Holding Room (1) One Hour before the wedding at a very affordable rate 



       Mother of the Groom        GROOM        Father of the Groom
                                          Ring Bearer
                                          Coin Bearer
                                          Flower Girl
           Bride’s Maid                                        Grooms Men
                                 Secondary Sponsors
                                    Candle Sponsor
                                      Viel Sponsor
                                     Cord Sponsor
                                PRINCIPAL SPONSORS
                                       Maid of Honor

       Mother of the Bride         BRIDE            Father of the Bride








Bride's Parents




Groom's Parents




Female Principal Sponsors




Male Principal Sponsors



Female Secondary Sponsor

Made of Honor


Best Man

Male Secondary Sponsor


Brides Maid

Flower Girl



Grooms Men





                                             "STANDARD SETTING ARRANGEMENT"

 Additional Information:

            a. Parking: 40 vehicles
            b. Air Conditioning: Available